Music at Wesley

Celebration Coordinator:  Chase Cobb
Traditional Coordinator:  Cathy Ranka
Media Coordinator:  Felipe Ojeda
Chancel Choir:  Meets weekly for singing and fellowship and to rehearse in order to provide special music for our traditional service.

Celebration Band
:  Musical groups providing praise and worship music for our contemporary service.

Youth Bands
:  Youth playing praise songs in bands.

Glory Train Band:   An adult band playing a variety of musical styles, including gospel and contemporary music.

Sound and Video Team:   This team prepares and delivers video and audio for our worship services.

Picking and Praying
:  Music education classes in which musicians learn to play Christian music on the guitar, keyboards, drums, etc.

For current information on Song Lists  and choir/band schedules,
please Contact Alex Westbrook, Music Director, at