Guidelines for preparing PP

Guidelines for creating PowerPoint for the rear computer: 

number slides (PowerPoint will number them automatically if you tell it to); font: courier new, 20 point, bold black for lyrics, dark blue for chords, bold red for important annotation; bold dark green for words/lyrics overlapped between two slides;  if words not to be sung, “grey out” the words, if sung a capella, grey out chords.  Note that light colors do not show up well when projected.  Try to use the colors in the templates (see below) if possible.

create text boxes for preview of next slide.  to do this,  place a green textbox in the bottom right of the slide.  In this box, put the 1st line of the next slide (use dark green for the text here).

On 1st slide:  title, transpose #, intro, and Wesley song number;  on each slide label “verse” “chorus” etc.  Put the word “End” on the last slide.