Children Sunday School

The Children's Sunday School is second to none. The children's schedule coincides with the school year.  Promotion in August moves children to the next age level. Throughout the year our children have many other activities including holiday parties, Children's Choir, and a Christmas Party.
In the Kindergarten thru 1st grade class we have fun while learning about Jesus.  We usually start out by having our “Sonshine Singers” time, then we get into our lesson and have a coloring or art activity that correlates.

Our 2nd & 3rd Grade Sunday school class is a class with lots of fun learning about the Bible, using fun games, lessons, and learning Bible verses.  Come share our fun.

Welcome to the 4th & 5th “TWEEN” grade Sunday school class!  Our 4th & 5th class at Wesley ROCKS!  This is the age where the Children are no longer “babies” but have not yet become teenagers, hence the name “TWEENS”.  Our “TWEENS” meet together  for 2 years.  We explore the workings and history of the Methodist religion.  We learn how to become better Disciples and Servants of the church.  We do all this while still having fun in our Neon Green and Black Room.  On Wednesday nights the “TWEENS” meet at Dairy Queen for Bible study and other activities.  Come Join us as we Learn and Worship together!


Nursery: Tammy Bell, Alora Berry, Brandy walker and Cindy McCoy

Toddlers/Pre K: Tammy Bell, Cindy McCoy and Alora Berry

Kindergarten/1st Grades: Sheila Davis, Delena Frederick, Ashley Schulz

2nd and 3rd Grades: Laurie Elms, Kelsey delValle, Belva Feltman

4th and 5th Grades: Danielle Dominguez