Adult Sunday School

Bible 101 is a room full of sinners, saved by Grace. Our focus is on Family, Mission to the community, and sharing our  love for others as God has shown His Love for us.  Also, learning biblical lessons in the process.

The Bible Buddies Sunday school class is a group of adults in their “Golden Age”.  We study God’s word to find meaning for our lives.  There is a lot of lively conversation in our class about our Bible study.  As one member says, “We have about 700 years of experience between all of us and we have a lot to share.”  Join us for study, laughter, caring and friendship.

The College and Careers Class is made up of young adults beyond high school who are attending college or beginning their careers.  The class focuses on studying God’s Word, building relationships, and discovering ways to integrate our identity as Christians into our every day lives.  Join us on Sundays!

Cross Talk Small Group meets every Sunday Morning at 9:25am.  Life application, multimedia and discussion format, group support. This group is designed for people who are not oriented toward the traditional Sunday School format and favor a more contemporary Christian learning environment in a relaxed atmosphere.  Our group meetings are very informal and we focus on life application discussion and study for Christians of all ages, married or single.  The class is facilitated by a man/woman team who work with the class to enhance Christian growth in a contemporary setting.  Basic relationship-building principles like commitment, honesty, and trust are expected of each small group participant.  Each meeting will include people on different levels of spiritual maturity.  No one is expected to read, pray, or share beyond their comfort level.

Christian Parenting is a Faith, Family, Fellowship, & Fun!  Let’s face it, Children don’t come with an  instruction manual.  Parents today need more than books or courses.  We need a parent support group.  Parents have a very high calling.  God  is calling us to train and shape our children’s young impressionable minds to His image.  Christian Parenting will focus on topics to help strengthen our family.  If you have children or planning to have children, this is the class for you!

Good News Sunday School class is just that!!  We are full of good news!!  We are a class of young and old of heart.   Lately we have been studying books of the New Testament.  We have great teachers and dedicated members.  At this time we are sponsoring four young men who are in the Army stationed in Afghanistan.  Every few months we send them care packages to brighten their life and show our appreciation.  We take part in several Outreach Programs that our church offers.  Being good disciples makes us better Christians.  Come and join us each Sunday in Room 120 and receive a wonderful blessing!

Spirit Sunday School class is aptly named because we are a very spirited class.  Our ages are “young in age” to young at heart” which means we are a very  electric group!  The teacher leads the class through the study (as opposed to teaching the study).  Through this type of class, we have discussions, sharing of opinions, stories, and lots of laughter every Sunday.  Our class is also committed to several mission projects throughout the year.  We donate our time and/or money to several projects including VBS, Methodist Army, Heritage Festival and a needy family at Christmas. We invite you to join us and learn with us what the Holy Spirit has in store.

The Revelers Sunday School class is a lecture-style class mixed with discussion.  A group of mainly retirees enjoy having fish-frys and doing service projects.


  • Revelers - Oscar Cannon
  • Good News - David Merrell, Larry Elliot and Gary Myers
  • Bible Buddies - Cathy Butler
  • College/Careers -  Ginger Cooper
  • Cross Talk - Keith Blizzard and Shelia Davis
  • Bible 101 - Garry Richards, Marilyn Myers
  • Christian Parenting - Leslie Harrison
    Spirit Class - Bobbie Lee